Hero Hori


Product Overview


Our Hero Hori is the nicest one out there!  This beautiful tool features a concave blade, cocobolo wood handle, full length tang and a twine cutter.  One side of the blade is serrated for cutting roots, vines or branches, and the other side is honed to a perfect knife edge.  The back of the blade conveniently has measurements for planting bulbs.  This infamous digging tool is most commonly used for carefully excavating plants. The rounded top and serrated sides make it ideal for scooping, digging, and pulling weeds. It comes with an elegant leather sheath and also a blade sharperner. 

Need a gift?  This is sure to be the best gift any gardener has received in their life!

Length: 12.5"

Blade Length: 7.5"

Width: 2"

Weight:  15.5 oz

Designed in Oregon

Made in China