img-3014.jpgBridgetown Garden Tools was started in 2015 out of pure necessity. Back in 2007, my wife and I inherited a community garden plot here in Portland, Oregon that was completely neglected and covered with weeds. It was so bad we couldn’t even see the soil! I was so surprised by the lack of quality garden tools on the market. Since then, we have made it our mission to source and design the highest quality and most dependable garden tools for the backyard gardener. We partner with factories all over the world to manufacture our tools including Japan, China, Taiwan & Vietnam. A select few tools are also made here in Oregon.  

Why Bridgetown? Portland, Oregon has lots of bridges. I mean lots of bridges. For this reason, Portland developed the nickname "Bridgetown". Bridgetown Garden Tools is proud to be based this great city and this is where our name comes from.



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You can also read this interview for more details about the company and how we got started.  Thanks for your interest!