Herb Stripper - Solid Walnut


Product Overview

Make preparing a homecooked meal faster and easier while saying goodbye to cheap plastic imitations and say hello to our gorgeous solid Walnut Herb Strippers. No more plucking each rosemary/cilantro/mint/etc leaf by hand. Now, with our high quality Herb Stripper you can remove fresh herbs from their stems with ease! Just insert in the right sized hole and pull. Our specially designed star holes help pull the leaves from more difficult stems by grabbing the leaves as the stem slips through. Love preparing a Kale salad but hate removing the stem? Use the special notch to remove most leafy greens from their stems with ease. You can also pull them through the larger holes to remove the leaves from the stem. To keep the wood from warping, please hand-wash only, do not use in a dishwasher. These are made in Texas.


• Made in United States

• Dimensions: 4.5" l x 2.8" w x 0.3" h

• Weight: 0.05 lb