2 Stage Pocket Sharpener


Product Overview

Introducing the Bridgetown 2-Stage Pocket Sharpener – your versatile solution for maintaining razor-sharp edges on the go. This compact yet powerful sharpener is designed for gardeners or anyone who relies on sharp tools in the field.

Featuring a dual-stage sharpening system, our Pocket Sharpener utilizes high-quality carbide and ceramic sharpening elements. The carbide side quickly restores dull edges, while the ceramic side hones and refines for a precision finish. Whether you're sharpening your hori hori, pruning shears, or other garden tools, this sharpener is up to the task.

Ease of use is paramount, and our Pocket Sharpener delivers with its user-friendly design. The compact size allows for convenient storage in your pocket or harvest bag, ensuring you have a reliable sharpener whenever you need it. 

Length: 3.6"

Width: 1.2"

Weight:  <1 oz

Made in China